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Postby hoos89 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:26 pm

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Re: Mass-mail followup

Postby simpleAs » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:48 pm

I think an even stronger approach is to call the recruiter/whomever you addressed the mailing to and begin with your name and school, "Where are you guys in your hiring process?" Depending on how warm the response is and where you see the conversation going, you can push to see if they're looking at mailed resumes, whether they've looked at yours, or stuff to keep the conversation going like whether they need more materials from you. Express that you are still very interested in them and maybe a little bit of why, if the conversation allows for it.

This is advice from Guerilla Tactics. I returned home this week and had a few scheduled interviews from mass mail. Before my trip, at the end of last week, I called up a number of the local firms to see if I could get more on my schedule. Many did not pick up as it was Friday (so if I had more time I might have taken the e-mail approach you are considering), a few gave me info or told me my resume was being looked at by the hiring partner, and one called me in the middle of this week and I just got done with a screener at their office. Ironically I had left an awkward voicemail to the recruiter basically asking for an interview since I was in town and thought I had forced them to throw my application out the window.

EDIT: I actually skipped over the detail that you were thinking about e-mailing alums. I think that could work too, maybe after the advice I suggested above.

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