Interviewer at screener said my resume was confusing...

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Re: Interviewer at screener said my resume was confusing...

Postby Randomnumbers » Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:32 pm

Birdnals wrote:
bemusedcapybara wrote:
Birdnals wrote:It also is weird that you listed your art thesis instead of the finance thesis. Or even that you listed your thesis at all since nobody gives a shit about an art thesis.

Nah, thesis = instant interview conversation topic, regardless of the topic.

If the person is an art enthusiast (they won't be) they will see he was an art major and the conversation will happen organically from there. It is a completely unnecessary line on his already cluttered resume.

If the thesis had something to do with a type of law he wanted to practice, then maybe. But as it is, unless he is gunning for big clown art law, it is just another thing that interviewers won't give a shit about and distracts from his other notable achievements.

I disagree. Having my thesis on my résumé provides instant conversation topics. I mean, maybe if you have a Purple Heart and three years in a hedge fund you might want to shy away from things you can talk intelligently and interestingly about. But for most of us we don't have actual noteable achievements and a thesis makes a great conversation starter


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Re: Interviewer at screener said my resume was confusing...

Postby ClubberLang » Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:39 pm

Being invited to journal is not an activity.


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Re: Interviewer at screener said my resume was confusing...

Postby blsingindisguise » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:08 pm

MonsterTRM wrote:
Desert Fox wrote:Seems really confusing to me. Putting double major in there seems odd. I'd rework it.

Bachelors of Arts in Finance and Art, magna cum laude

Or something like that.

I tend to agree with you. Originally, that line was:

Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, with highest honors in Art and honors in Finance, GPA: 3.82/4.00, May 2012

I added the "double major" today, but I could go back to how it was originally listed?

Thanks for all of the help!

No, you seem to be misunderstanding. The way DF put it is right. The way you're putting it does not make clear that Finance and Art were your majors.

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