Drop out of T14?

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Re: Drop out of T14?

Postby cheaptilts » Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:54 pm

I wouldn't drop out. I attend/ed a lower T-14 where many of my friends near the bottom of the class [ > 3.1 < 3.3 ] received offers. I don't think bottom 10% after one semester is a death knell at all (maybe GULC?), and you're probably only gambling 10-20k. Worth it. You're bummed out about your grades now, but I'd reassess and try again next semester. If you really, really hate yourself after two semesters, then drop out. You're on a full ride and your UG major doesn't seem like it'll get you anywhere right now anyway so fuck it

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Re: Drop out of T14?

Postby Rlabo » Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:43 pm

Just gonna throw my own two cents in. I hated most of my theoretical law school classes but found my practical experiences phenomenal. This included mock trials and moot courts, two semesters in a securities clinic, and a full semester at the SEC. After poor 1L grades and striking out at OCI, I was able to secure a SA position at a highly regarded plaintiffs firm that does securities in the spring of my 2L year, mainly by hustling and focusing my 2L year on that practice. I absolutely loved my summer. Don't get me wrong, I worked my ass off, much like most first year attorneys, but I was always engaged and liked everyone I worked with. I realized that I much preferred being a lawyer to being a law student. At some point you decided you wanted to go to law school and if the reason for why is now completely gone, you probably should get out because you wont survive doing something you hate and law tends to have a binary love/hate response to it. But if you think you still may want to actually be a lawyer, it is not too late. If that is the case, my advice would be to do whatever you can to specialize early and contact anyone you've ever met who may be help.


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Re: Drop out of T14?

Postby Tls2016 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:45 pm

Anonymous User wrote:Most recent anon here. Thank you all for your thoughts.

In retrospect, I probably came to law school for the wrong reasons (wanted a shot at Biglaw but wasn't 100% committed to being a lawyer). At this point I'm leaning pretty strongly towards getting out.

If the only reason you went to law school was because you were chasing a biglaw salary, then I think you should seriously consider dropping out. Maybe do another semester while you figure it out if it doesn't cost anything. If you don't want to be a lawyer, law school is wasting your time while you could be pursuing something you want to do.


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Re: Drop out of T14?

Postby gaddockteeg » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:54 am

Don;t drop out, you have no idea what practicing law is acutally like when you are a 1L,

Moreover, my friend, class of '15, was bottom 10% at GULC and still nailed a NY V100 gig during 3L year.

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