Judicial Externship Interview Scheduling

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Judicial Externship Interview Scheduling

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:26 pm

I have a fall externship interview on Monday morning with a D. Ct. judge. I just got a voicemail inviting me to interview with another judge on the same court with Monday afternoon as a suggested date. I like the idea of doing both interviews on a single day so as to save on transit time and costs (admittedly, neither of these are hugely significant), but am wondering if this is wise.

The first judge has been known to, very occasionally, extend externship offers on the spot and if I got such an offer, I would accept.

Given that, should I ask if I can schedule the second interview for a later date so as to give myself a 24-hour cancellation window?

ETA: Just got a VM inviting me to interview with a 3rd judge on the same court. Three interviews in a single day? Two-and-one? Or split all 3 over different days?


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Re: Judicial Externship Interview Scheduling

Postby yankees12 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:23 pm

I had a similar situation when I interviewed for judicial externships back in December. I had 2 interviews in the same day and got an offer from the first one. I still went to the second one, but it was more of a formality. Judges in the same courthouse will talk to each other, and both judges I interviewed with knew that I was speaking to the other judge that day. I would do them all in the same day and not worry about it. If you get an offer from the first judge and accept it on the spot, you can either speak with the other judges as a formality or just stop by their chambers/call to let them know. Judges are pretty busy and I'm sure they will find something to do if you have to cancel your interview.

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