3L firm search, with clerkship in 2015

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3L firm search, with clerkship in 2015

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:57 pm

Hi all, I'm a current 3L, top 1/3rd @ a top 6 school, EIC of a 2dary journal. I have accepted a D.Ct. clerkship in a competitive district that starts in mid-2015, but because I wasn't able to get a SA position as a 2L (had some interviewing problems I've since resolved), I don't have work at a firm lined up for before the clerkship. I'm trying to figure out which of the following options makes the most sense as I look for a 1st yr associate position, given that a firm may not want to make the investment in me for just 9 months:

a) Don't mention the clerkship at all until just before it's time to leave the job.
b) Mention it in screener interviews.
c) Mention it in call backs.
d) Put it front and center on my resume/cover letters.

My career office sees the clerkship as a liability, so suggests option a, but that seems short-sighted (I expect no one will have any illusions about the fact that I knew this before I took the job). I've spoken to about 8 partners/former partners of firms, all of whom suggest potential employers will see the scheduled clerkship as a positive thing, and thus I should go with b,c, or d. I'm pretty certain I'm going with the b/c/d option, but I'd deeply appreciate any suggestions or anecdotes that help me select among them or that help me be confident in my decision to act contrary to my career office's suggestion.


[anon because I'm pretty close to identifiable just from this information anyway, and I'm trying to keep option a open]


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Re: 3L firm search, with clerkship in 2015

Postby anonymous2012 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:35 pm

I'd mention it right away. I think firms will treat you essentially like a summer associate.

Otherwise, it's not incredibly likely you'll get a 3L biglaw job. Your best attribute right now is your clerkship. Firms let people leave and even give bonuses for midcareer clerks, especially in competitive districts. Be reasonable in your targeting, apply to firms in that district where you'll be clerking, as well as NY or other areas you have a connection with.

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