So HR Goofed...

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So HR Goofed...

Postby iceman219 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:39 am

I summered last year as a 2L at a smaller (~50ish) firm in the South. They have not hired in the past from their summer class (2-4 people total, including an odd 1L or two), but have shown interest in doing so... their hiring history has been more hiring laterals with 3-5 years experience. I have stayed in touch with a few partners as well as HR since last summer, and interviewed for a different job ~2 months ago.

HR's screwup came when I was scheduling a new interview with them for next week. The partners have been keeping an eye out for something that may be a fit for me internally, and HR directly contacted me about the opening. After scheduling the interview time, HR forwarded me the position's descriptions and the firm's general benefit package... along with an email from another candidate who had been interviewed ~3 hours before I got the HR phone call.

A little bit of LinkedIn/FB stalking showed that the other candidate was ~ 4 years out, but had worked for 2 different firms during that time, was currently working for a title company, and went to Ole Miss Law. I take it they rejected her outright given the timing of HR's phone call, but how else could I use this inadvertent info?

My thoughts are to frame my freshly-minted graduate status as a plus, since I won't have any bad habits to unlearn (and they've been interviewing candidates with multiple years of experience). Also, the opening is in the firm's bread & butter practice group, so learning "their way" and knowing the special emphasis this practice group carries within the firm could be an extra plus.

I know it is a little unusual to be fresh out of school yet interviewing against multi-year experienced attorneys, but given all the above as well as the seeming interest some of the big-time partners seem to have taken in my candidacy (being a topic of conversation at the equity partner's recent weekly meeting, and being told this by one of the partners with his name in the firm's letterhead), I want to make sure I play this hand to the fullest.

Any advice?

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Re: So HR Goofed...

Postby Agent » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:40 pm

Not sure why, but I had a negative reaction to this thread. That said,

I think you're reading too much into the misfired email, and I would not be surprised if the other candidate were still in the running and had been sent the same email concerning benefits, etc.

I recommend that you forget about what you saw, proceed as you'd originally planned, and let the chips fall where they may. It is hard to imagine you benefiting from trying to distinguish yourself from someone whose application outcome remains a mystery to you. I think you'd be thrown off your game in trying to do that, and it may end up hurting you. Either way, I wish you good luck.

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Re: So HR Goofed...

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:23 pm

it means nothing. you're not secretly one-upping her. just be yourself and do your best

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Re: So HR Goofed...

Postby iceman219 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:32 pm

I at first wondered what could have triggered your negative reaction, but I guess I came across as a little too excited + inadvertent info I received.

Very valid points about not taking any steps to throw off my approach/game... they are interested in myself, not a person framed around a perceived firm need. The other candidate definitely received the benefits email; HR forwarded along the attachments, as well as inadvertently the communication with the other candidate. The timing of the call I got from HR + the other candidate's scheduled interview time (3 hours before I got a call from HR) leads me to believe that the other person is already out of consideration. But you're right; why would I try to distinguish myself against a person I believe they've moved on from?

I guess I just realize the tall odds, even with several internal advantages in my corner, when being considered against an experienced, licensed candidate while I am hunkered down studying for the July bar. Job hunt anxiety + Bar exam + girlfriend's discussion about rings definitely places things in a very different arena. Not even accounting for this being my dream firm. I want to slam dunk this thing, dominate it, and bring home the offer... Thanks for the level-headed advice.

To any 2Ls reading this thread: network early and often. A large % of recent graduates are still on the hunt, even at this stage.

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