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housing applications

Postby Anonymous User » Tue May 07, 2013 10:09 pm

Ran a few searches and nothing came up. This seems like common sense to me but thought I would ask instead of looking stupid by calling my SA recruiter.

I'm trying to get new housing for the summer and all apartment complexes want income verification. Obviously I haven't made any money since last summer but if I included my SA offer letter my app would probably be approved once they verified it with the firm. Do firms expect these kind of calls? I feel like I should call and ask my recruiter if it is OK if ABC Background Check Corp. calls/faxes them to verify I will be working for them, but I don't want to add more work to the recruiters day or sound stupid if no one else is listing the SA gig for housing apps. I live in the same market as my firm so I'm looking for at least a full year's lease instead of temporary summer house.

Again this seems pretty common sense that someone in HR would easily handle this kind of inquiry but firm offer rate is not 100% and I don't want to do anything stupid to kill my permanent offer chances. Any insight would be great. Should I just call the recruiter and ask? Seems like the prudent thing to do but I guess I'm a spaz.

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