Interview With NLJ 100, but already have (worse) job (2L)

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Interview With NLJ 100, but already have (worse) job (2L)

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:17 pm

2L. Got a law clerk position at a large pi firm, for spring/summer (struck out at oci and mass mailing has been shit, probably because my gpa was ok-ish in the beginning of the year, but I jumped about 15% up after last sem). Recently saw a posting for a law clerk (not an SA) at a nlj 100, applied, now waiting to here back from them.

Supposing I get an interview (which is not guaranteed obviously) do I have an obligation to tell them about the job I only recently accepted. The other firm is not listed on NALP, but the second obviously is. I didn't know if there were any requirements on interviewing with a NALP firm when you already have a job at a non-NALP firm.

Obviously if i got the second job I would take it (so i'd leave current employer), seeing how the pay is more, its in an area of law I'd like to do, and its in biglaw as opposed to pi (which i really don't have a problem with, its just not what I find interesting).

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