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In-House Callback Interview Insight

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:02 pm

Hello All,

I have searched around the forums and soaked up as much information as possible. I have a call back for an in-house gig at a retail business in my desired market. The business is a retail business, so I am not entirely sure to what extent the overlay is between a retail business and the other in-house transactional positions that mostly litter these forums. It seems like the SA position is primarily focused on contracts drafting. They gave two callbacks, so i have a 50/50 shot; I would REALLY like to lock this up. My thoughts and questions:

1.) I really have no work experience on the transactional side (nor any knowledge of business in general). I applied for this position because working in-house is something that seemed "cool" to me. I do have some interest in contracts work, as I enjoyed my contracts class and we were exposed to various contracts drafting exercises. When answering the transaction vs. lit question my approach is likely going to focus on that I enjoyed my contracts class and the limited exposure we got to drafting certain clauses. Subsequently, I have a new found interest in the transactional side of the law, and have scheduled classes such as comm. transactions, corporate governance, M&A, and SecReg for my 2L year. Additionally, I enjoy the team-oriented "work together to achieve a common goal" mentality of transactional work as opposed to the adversarial side of Lit. Negotiating is more interesting to me than winning or losing. Any other thoughts to beef up this response? Also, I see transactional work as opening more options for future career this appropriate?

2.) What should be the primary charc. I should be emphasizing? Should a focus on team collaboration be a common trend throughout the interview (I think the department is about 10-12 people)?

3.) What questions should I be formulating for these Senior Corporate Counsel individuals? Should the list be generic for each person or be focused on their designated practice within the corporation? Currently I plan to ask how they initially became interested in transactional work, and why they decided to migrate to the in-house setting. Should I be asking pointed questions such as "What do you see as the major Corporate Governance issues affecting this organization?" to the person who focuses on Corporate Governance work?

I think my lack of familiarity with the transactional side of things makes me somewhat nervous for this interview. Any info. others have found useful in approaching a similar in-house callback would be extremely beneficial. I thank you all for your time. These forums are a god send.

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Re: In-House Callback Interview Insight

Postby Pokemon » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:14 pm

Not all in-house summer work is transactional, though most of it is. Thus, first I will make sure to figure out whether it is transactional or not.
Second, you are a 1L. Even if you wanted to, you probably could not take any transactional oriented classes. Thus your answer should be decent enough.

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Re: In-House Callback Interview Insight

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:05 pm

Any other thoughts?

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