What Counts as Pro Bono for Law Firms

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What Counts as Pro Bono for Law Firms

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:56 pm

I am up for consideration for a summer scholarship from a law firm. It's a pro bono scholarship so I'm assuming they'll be counting up my hours as part of their overall pro bono hours. They won't be deciding for another 2 weeks. I got another job offer that I had to accept in a couple of days, but I haven't had any luck with any other PI jobs so I am taking it. I'm wondering if it would still be eligible for the scholarship.

The job is a "rotation" from helping write an affordable business law textbook for undergraduates (and researching from some law review articles) at a public/state university that does not have a law school, externing with a local state trial judge, and doing private corporate law practice with some local/small businesses/startups. However, the person I'm working with was really flexible and said if I got the scholarship and any one/two of those functions qualified as pro bono, I could forego the other duty.

Is anyone familiar with what counts as law firm pro bono? I don't want to contact the firm or withdraw from the scholarship until I have some idea and I don't sound completely ridiculous for thinking this might qualify as pro bono. I ask because my own law school's public interest scholarship does NOT apply to academic research or judicial internships. However, the Pro Bono Institute "What Counts as Pro Bono" document says that doing research for courts and some work for educational/governmental/small biz organizations does count as pro bono. --LinkRemoved--

Is anyone familiar with what counts as law firm pro bono, and would helping a judge, helping a state school w/o a law school, or working with small biz be in the norm of pro bono at your firm?

Thank you.

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