USAO-DC: Which division should I "prefer"?

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What will be more beneficial to my goal of being a prosecutor?

Local criminal division: Experience more directly related to the work I want to do (homicides, sex crimes, violent crime, etc)
Federal criminal division(s): More preftigious on a resume forever
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USAO-DC: Which division should I "prefer"?

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:23 pm

My goal is to (someday) prosecute the gritty, disgusting crimes: Homicide, sex crimes, domestic violence, etc. And no, I have never seen a single episode of Law & Order or any other crime drama.

I go to lower-T14 (if it matters) and I got a summer internship offer at USAO in DC. That office is unique because they deal with both BigFed crimes (public corruption, corporate embezzlement, organized crime, etc) and crimes that are just local to the actual district--I guess the equivalent of a state court, if D.C. were a state (exactly the type of horrible stuff I want to work with). I have to rank my preferences of which division I want to intern in.

Question: Which division (federal or local) should I "prefer" on the paperwork? The one that is more on-target to my goals, or the one that looks more preftigious on a resume but isn't really what I wanna do for a career?

Personally I'd rather do local, but I'm having a hard time wasting a chance to put that BigFed experience on my resume... Thanks for any insight you can offer!

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