Accepted position during fall OCI; bid on spring OCI

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Accepted position during fall OCI; bid on spring OCI

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:58 pm

Hi all,

2L here at a school ranked 20-30. I accepted a job back in the fall with a firm. Had other offers, but the job I accepted, in my estimation, will produce the best chance of post-grad employment.

Spring OCI is coming up. I am tempted to bid on a firm. My reasons for bidding/Pros: more attractive firm, in a more attractive market, which will pay more. Also, my class rank has continued to rise through the three semester I have been at school (I did mediocre first semester, and have done very well, in gunner-type classes, subsequent semesters). My ranking climb has been: 40%, 25%, 15-20%. I have LR. In other words, even in a depressed economy, I think I can improve my market position. Finally, this really is my last chance at 2L OCI.

Reasons not to bid/Cons: I already accepted an offer with the other firm; although they are not in the same market, the cities are only 1.5 hours apart (in the midwest), and news travels.

I am thinking of bidding, and, if need be, just declining a pre-select/interview-offer, if/when it is granted. Any thoughts?



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Re: Accepted position during fall OCI; bid on spring OCI

Postby zomginternets » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:17 pm

Check your school's policy on declining preselect interview offers. At my school, they get really pissy if you bid on a firm and decline the interview. Also, if you informed your school of your acceptance of your fall OCI offer, they might be irked if they see you bidding for spring OCI, and may ask you why you are bidding if you have accepted an offer (it makes them look bad to have students reneging on acceptances).

If you do bid, I wouldn't put on your resume that you have anything lined up for the summer; I'm sure it would scream "flight risk". (But also don't lie if asked right out..)

There are 1000 threads on the general pros/cons of reneging, so I won't rehash the arguments here. Good luck.

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