Paging all NYU/Gtown Tax LLMs

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Paging all NYU/Gtown Tax LLMs

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:15 pm

To all NYU and Georgetown Tax LLMs, past, present, and incoming,

I am currently a 2L at a DCNG interested in going into tax. Almost (probably for sure) struck out in the 2L SA search at this point. I am entertaining the possibility of a tax llm at NYU (preferrably), but also Georgetown. Will for sure apply in fall 2013. I have a number of questions:

1) how hard is it to get into one of these programs? I am slightly below median - what happens if I do well generally in 2L (move into the top 35% of the class), as well as in tax courses? I do not have a journal, but do have moot court - is this going to hurt me significantly/foreclose my options?

2) What is the chance of getting some scholarship for one of these programs?

3) what is the placement rate into tax big law? My tax professor has advised me anecdotally that it is not very high. Your thoughts?

4) what is the placement rate into Big 4 + other accounting firms?

5) If i am angling for the LLM, or if i am angling to get a big 4 accounting firm job as a 3L, what are the best possible avenues to go down for a 2L summer search? So far I've applied to a bunch of big 4 + WTAS, but my fear is that it is too late. I've also applied to IRS, but i am not sanguine about my prospects of landing a summer internship. In-house? small/medium firms that do tax work? Attorney general's office in a division that does tax/budget issues?

Thanks much - your help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Paging all NYU/Gtown Tax LLMs

Postby patrickd139 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:45 pm

Don't have a lot of time, but current NYU LLM student here. I'll answer quickly. Feel free to PM if you have followups.

1) There are people here with similar class ranks from peer schools to the one you're at. They almost assuredly did well in their tax courses (think A-/B+ average or better). Admissions appears to care much more about your demonstrated aptitude in tax than your class rank.

2) Scholarships are a black box. I'm a T2, top 5%, LR, moot court kid with a 4.0 tax average and was awarded a scholarship that covers about 20% of cost. Tax Law Review scholarships are half-tuition, IIRC. There are also other named scholarships ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Not sure how the committee awards them.

3) Tax biglaw placement is a factor of two thing. First you have to do well here (A- or better in your courses). Second, most people were 'biglaw eligible' before. If you went to Nebraska Law School, ended up at median, and didn't whiff biglaw through OCI through your JD program, your chances of landing Skadden or Wachtell are pretty much nonexistent without somehow AmJuring classes when you get here. Predictably, few people at the median of Nebraska AmJur tax classes at NYU. YMMV, though.

Hard numbers wise, I think about 15% landed jobs through the Taxation Interview Program last year (that's the predominant biglaw hiring program for LLMs). A handful were already employed at biglaw firms before coming here and returned. I'd make a totally uneducated guess that around 20% end up with biglaw.

4) 41% from last year ended up at 'accounting firms.' I'd guess (again just purely guessing) fewer than half of that number went to big4.

5) Not sure about this one, so I'm not going to pretend to give advice.

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