Lateral Hiring Question

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Lateral Hiring Question

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:11 pm

I am a 3L who will be working at a V5 firm in their corporate department next year. I have a pretty full load this year, particularly because I am in a clinic that requires a lot of time. Awhile ago, I applied for an in-house intern position; several weeks went by before I got an interview; I received an offer this week. I am very happy about it because it will also expose me to a wide variety of corporate law. It is a public company, so there are a lot of compliance/securities regulation issues, which I am very interested in. It is also paid, but that is not a huge consideration.

The problem is that I am already really busy. I would probably need to take the clinic pass/fail to make this work, which means I would only be taking five credits of graded class this fall and probably a similarly low amount in the spring. I am wondering if having a lot of ungraded credits + possibly having mediocre grades this year would affect my lateraling prospects. Also, would the in-house internship (happens to be with a client of the V5) help for lateraling?

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