second LOCI/call variation on "first choice"

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second LOCI/call variation on "first choice"

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:01 pm

have an offer from one firm, want an offer from another. i've been at hold at the latter firm for a long time -- people have been both rejected and accepted from the time I CB'd. i already sent a LOCI to the firm where i'm on hold, and got a reply saying they'd get back to me when they could. but it's been a long time. the hold firm is my "top choice" and i "would accept if offered." although i didn't say that in my first LOCI (which merely included my offer expiration date), i'm wondering if i should send another one to that effect, or call and communicate this. i've heard that they are done with CBs now and still have no ding, so i guess i'm still waiting on other candidates to reject offers.

i've held open the other offer for a long time now, and i'd rather accept it than risk alienating them, or let it go to someone else if i do get an offer from the firm i want. the reason i think (could be wrong, would be comforting to hear that i am) my situation is slightly unique, and that i am especially concerned, is because part of the way (although i'm sure not entirely) i got this offer was *very* soon after a LOCI indicating that i had an offer at a third firm that was expiring shortly. i didn't say that my offer firm was my "first choice" or that i would accept if offered, but naturally i don't want to wait close to the 28 days when unless there was an extreme coincidence in timing, my expressed interest was part of what made them comfortable extending an offer, and now i might be annoying them with yield/oversubscribe concerns.

am i overthinking something that is just a normal part of this process, or should i call this firm and communicate that i'd take them if offered?

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Re: second LOCI/call variation on "first choice"

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:29 pm

sorry, bumping

i know the "first choice" thing has been asked a billion times -- i'm more concerned with whether it might annoy my offer firm that i haven't accepted after my (non-committal) LOCI apparently triggered their offer, and whether contacting the firm where i'm on hold a second time would seem pushy...thanks for any advice


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Re: second LOCI/call variation on "first choice"

Postby Glock » Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:26 am

This isn't a 'first choice' problem, it is a pushiness problem. Your LOCI was fine and their reply tells you to wait, so you should do so until you have nothing to lose. If you are really pushy too early you might get yourself dinged (it happens).

But once you have nothing to lose, why not push it a little? You have nothing to lose by being a little pushy like 2 business days before you accept an offer from the non-#1 firm. On that day you call the #1 firm's recruiting person and explain to them that you have an unmovable deadline on date XX and, while you would immediately accept an offer from #1 firm, you will have to accept the other offer if you don't hear back.

If you do the above you are not going to get dinged for pushy, and if you do it will only screw yourself out of an offer that you were going to get too late to be useful anyway.

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