Atlanta Market-Paying Firms Hiring 3Ls

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Atlanta Market-Paying Firms Hiring 3Ls

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:23 am

I'm top 20% at Texas, 2L, and I've struck out through OCI. I want to work in Atlanta, and I have very strong ties; my entire family lives in Georgia, I have only lived in Georgia besides for law school, and I went to a Georgia undergrad. I will be figuring out the reasons my three Atlanta callbacks did not turn into offers with my CSO office, so that isn't the point of this thread. The point is to identify any Atlanta big firms or market-paying boutiques that hire either later during 2L year or 3L year.

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Re: Atlanta Market-Paying Firms Hiring 3Ls

Postby somewhatwayward » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:25 pm

It is very hard to predict a year in advance which firms will be hiring 3Ls. It seems to change from year to year based on whether the firm underhired SAs and now needs more bodies and/or whether they hired SAs that were no-offered and now need to replace them. Thus, you will need to wait until closer to OCI 2013 (and possibly much longer than that as sometimes it takes firms awhile into the year to realize they need more people) to know which firms.

I am assuming you already did this bc you mentioned your CSO, but the best way to find out about firms still hiring for 2L SAs is to get on your CSO's list of people who did not get an offer from OCI. Firms who did not fill their classes will come back to CSOs requesting more resumes, and CSOs will send an email to that list telling people that Firm X is still looking and how to apply. If your CSO does not have an official list, you need to make sure they know that you are very interested in any 2L SA openings in ATL. I don't want to overstate the likelihood of finding an SA this way, though, bc there is a lot of competition, compounded by the fact that ATL does not have many SA positions.

I am assuming you have already mass-mailed ATL firms, correct? And followed up a few weeks later with continued interest?

Some other things you can think about: First, consider a federal clerkship. Big law options are good coming out of a federal clerkship. If you are going to pursue a clerkship, start thinking about it now. Obviously, get your grades up as much as possible but also start thinking about who to get letters of rec from and develop those relationships. Gun to get your note published and for the e-board of your journal (EIC, if possible, esp if you are on a secondary journal). A lot of people don't try very hard on their notes, so getting published is not as hard as it seems; also, look into getting graded supervised research and writing credit for the note so that the time you are putting into it is not on top of all of your other classes (graded bc you are trying to do a very good job so will probably get a high grade, boosting GPA). Second, try to get an offer from a firm that has an ATL office. The easiest way to do this would probably be to look in NYC bc there are so many spots there. Then, after two or three years in NYC, you can try to transfer to ATL.

Ideally you should be using all of these strategies to up your chances of getting back to ATL one way or another.

Lastly, there is no indication of this in your post, but don't feel bad about not getting an ATL offer. ATL is very hard to crack and has perennially low offer rates to boot. It could be a blessing in disguise to start elsewhere and eventually migrate back there. You will always have your ATL roots, so if you spend three years at UT and then three more in another city, employers probably will not question your desire to be in ATL or consider you a flight risk, especially if you explain that ATL was your first choice. Good luck!


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Re: Atlanta Market-Paying Firms Hiring 3Ls

Postby Omerta » Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:58 pm

I was going to post literally the exact same thing as the above poster. Great summary; think of Atlanta as similar to Chicago/dc light: tough market to get into. K&S is usually pretty active. I would also relax your criteria. There are only 8-10 firms that pay ATL market or better.

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