Steptoe-Resume Without GPA

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Steptoe-Resume Without GPA

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:40 pm

Hey all,

3L here in the process of sending out resumes/cover letters/writing samples. I was asked to submit a resume to Steptoe and Johnson by a couple of attorneys in the firm (one I know personally, the other is a former grad of the law school in which I am currently enrolled).

My GPA is below a 3.0, but the school I go to has an absolutely brutal curve (2.6) and my GPA is above that. However, I have a few things on my resume that should give it a boost, such as Moot Court, Moot Court Honor's Board, Phi Delta Phi, and I'm a Teacher's assistant/tutor for 2L's enrolled in Appellate Advocacy.

I'm a little nervous about the fact of sending my resume without a GPA. I know that it kind of creates the presumption that your GPA isn't the greatest (which mine isn't, but it's not bad either considering the curve), but could the other stuff on the resume at least help me enough to get an interview??? This job at Steptoe is a dream job for me. It's at a firm in the city in which I grew up, went to undergrad, and have lived my entire life. It's in the Oil and Gas practice as well, which is something that I've been around my entire life (not directly involved in it, but as a life-long resident of this area, I have become quite familiar with it, and have actually had the opportunity to work on some cases/write briefs involving the oil and gas industry in the area through my previous internships). I highlighted these facts in the cover letter, and hope that the lack of a GPA doesn't turn them off. I just want an interview and be able to speak with them.

Can anyone offer some insight about whether the lack of a GPA on my resume will prove detrimental to at least getting an interview?


the lantern

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Re: Steptoe-Resume Without GPA

Postby the lantern » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:44 pm

I'm only interested in public service jobs (PD, clerking, federal agency work, etc.), but I have heard from my career services office that some employers don't like people who list their GPA. I list my GPA anyways because my grades are really good, but at least in this specific context, it doesn't seem like a big deal. Having said that, if I put myself in the shoes of a recruiter or hiring partner, I don't know how you would keep yourself from assuming that the person has mediocre/bad grades if they don't list their GPA.

Sorry I can't give you a better answer, but I thought you'd at least appreciate hearing some good news :)

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Re: Steptoe-Resume Without GPA

Postby somewhatwayward » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:01 pm

I would suggest putting your class rank on your resume instead of the GPA.

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