employed in another state

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employed in another state

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:22 am


I plan to accept a SA position with a top firm in Cali (SV) that does IP lit (and some prosecution). However, I really want to return to another state that has only a few good firms that do IP lit (unfortunately, none of them gave me an offer). If I want to lateral in a few years:

(1) what if I take the CA bar? How does it work if you want to practice in another state?
(2) How has the experience gone for other people? (WOrking in NY, DC, LA, SF...only to return to a smaller market in a few years).


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Re: employed in another state

Postby TooOld4This » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:57 am

1. You will most likely have to take the bar in that state. If you have been practicing more than 5 years, you might only have to sit for a "mini" bar. There are a lot of jurisdictions where you can effectively waive in without taking the exam, especially after you've practiced a few years. However, CA pretty much makes everyone take some version of there bar, so many states don't let you waive in with CA. There is a list out there somewhere that goes over the rules state by state. I, thankfully, haven't had to look at it in awhile though. Also, if you go in house, you may be able to just do paperwork to become authorized in house counsel.

2. You will need to network to make the jump. Get a set of skills and then start targeting employers. A headhunter can be helpful in this respect. Build connections before you need to tap them. Join the ABA and threat involved in section work relevant to your practice.

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