Another Debevoise v. Davis Polk poll

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Debevoise v. Davis Polk (for PE, M&A, and less face-time)?

Davis Polk
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Another Debevoise v. Davis Polk poll

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:20 pm

Working on a tough decision, so I thought I'd bring it here for some thoughts:
Debevoise: LOVED the fit on my visits, interested in their PE practices in both fund formation and transactions, as well as their M&A dept.
DPW: Great firm, nice visit, definitely impressed and could be happy there, but I'm not interested in financial institutions or capital markets, like at all. Really more interested in private m&a, which Deb. seems better at.
Is the difference in prestige/reputation a factor worth considering here? Is there really that dramatic of a difference? Thinking long term towards potential exit options to other law firms, PE, or IB work* AND geographic portability.
(*hoping not to start a thread about the viability of these exit options, just more interested in exit options that would involve actually doing deals, instead of compliance work in a big bank.)
Also, Debevoise seems a little more family-friendly, at least in the sense that while the hours are probably just as high, there is a little bit more individual schedule control and less of a face-time requirement, and that is important to me.
Do my impressions of these firms' strengths seem accurate? (Deb. for PE & private M&A >> DPW for the same); (Deb. family-friendliness >> DPW)
Anything else I might be missing here? (Obviously, it seems like I'm leaning towards Debevoise, but Davis Polk is just so impressive and so highly-regarded that it will be tough to choose against them.)
Many thanks.

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Re: Another Debevoise v. Davis Polk poll

Postby 5ky » Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:33 pm

I'm with thesealocust on this point: if you think you lean heavily towards one firm just based on a gut reaction, that's as good a reason as any when choosing between something like DPW and Debevoise.

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Old Gregg

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Re: Another Debevoise v. Davis Polk poll

Postby Old Gregg » Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:42 pm

Debevoise is not any more family friendly than DPW.

If your goal is to do PE work, Debevoise is the better of the two. If you're desire to PE is based on your desire to work at a PE fund as one of those PE guys, stop right there. Such moves rarely happen. Far more likely are compliance roles at PE funds, which typically include a pay cut, are boring, and have no profit sharing arrangements.

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