What does an Advertisement Project Manager do?

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What does an Advertisement Project Manager do?

Postby bartleby » Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:00 pm

shut out at OCIs - struck out before i got to the plate. my fault, shitty resumes + cover letters + normal grades. shot down from one non-legal dream job abruptly. waiting on second non-legal dream job.

have an interview for a place that has potential but for a "project management position"

so i have a few questions:

1. does anyone know what the dress code is like? i know overdressed is better than underdressed but is suit and tie too much? i was thinking jacket, shirt, khakis, nice shoes > suit, shirt, tie, park aves

2. what exactly...does a project management position entail? i'm looking around online and it's vague. zero experience in the field but i'm pretty resourceful

3. i probably won't drop out over this and am using it as interview experience but realistically, maybe i would take it just to avoid law school. how much is too low? i imagine $35,000 is rock bottom but i've heard lawyers working for min. wage or something so anything is possible

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