JD/MBA in a lower tier 1 School- OCI/ recruiting advice

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JD/MBA in a lower tier 1 School- OCI/ recruiting advice

Postby ejed09 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:05 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to TLS, and am looking for a some oci/recruiting advice.

I'm a third year JD/MBA that will be partaking in OCI/summer recruiting for next summer. I go to a lower tier 1 school in the Northeast (Ranked ~50th)

I did really bad my with my first year class (around a 3.1), but managed to get straight A's in my second year classes ( as well as a Cali in Fed Income Tax and M&A). My law school GPA stands at a 3.48, good for top 20% in my class. Since I'm doing the JD/MBA, I will be doing mostly Business Courses next year.

First, given my stats and status as a JD/MBA, what are the odds I get any bites from a mass mailing to Big Law firms (mostly NYC & Boston).

Second, two of my courses this past semester were taught by partners at big-law firms (one V30, the second V100). I ended up doing well in both (A- in one, a Cali in the other), and the professors genuinely seemed to like me. I was wondering if it would make sense asking the Partners to "pass along" my resume to the recruiter for the summer associate programs at their respective firms. If so, how would you all recommend approaching them (i.e. email, phone call?)

Thanks in advance. Have a great forth!


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