Female Dress Code re: Networking

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Female Dress Code re: Networking

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:01 am

I tried to search around for a post already on point, but much of what I came across was for male dressing. I am looking for advice on how a female should dress on different occasions.

I have a few networking meetings coming up. If it helps: I am doing all of this networking not just for the job opportunities, but because I really do want to learn about what attorneys do in various practice areas, and sort out what it is I might be best at doing. Also, I ordinarily wear business casual during the day (and maybe a little bit more casual than business).

With regard to some meetings, I am going to their offices. It will be a little less formal than an "informational interview" (I will be asking a lot of questions, but it feels like I am going in to "chat" generally, rather than express direct interest in their firms). Must I wear a suit? I keep hearing that you have to wear a suit to attorneys' offices. Dress with blazer also possibly appropriate?

With regard to others, we will be meeting for coffee. I know not to wear my suit. But how formal should a female go? Button-up with skirt, or just a nice blouse?

Finally, I am meeting one for dinner and drinks. Least formal situation of all, in my mind. But they will be coming from the office, after work. Should I dress appropriately to make them more comfortable, or does it seem a little bit goofy? Cardigan with dress skirt, or dress with blazer?

I am not really looking to make the pages of Vogue or anything. I just want to show respect and show that I am competent, and that I realize that I am taking up their valuable time and appreciate the fact that I am there!

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Female Dress Code re: Networking

Postby istara » Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:28 am

Last networking event I did (after work, drinks), I wore a suit (pants, fwiw, because I felt like it). I carried the jacket (it was 112 degrees out) until I saw what other people were wearing. Most of the attorneys were still wearing their jackets, some just had dresses on or had taken off their jackets. There were other students there, and they were wearing a mix of the same. I thought some of the sleeveless dresses and 4" heels seemed a bit much, but overall everyone looked professional and appropriate. Personally, it turns out I got cold, so I wore my jacket.

Don't over-think it. Be comfortable and professional. YMMV, however, since I hear the east coast is more formal and the expectations may be different.

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