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Etiquette Question

Postby TTH » Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:10 am

If you're clerking at a midlaw firm over 2L summer, when does it make sense to start connecting on LinkedIn to attorneys with whom you work closely? During the summer or after the summer?

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Re: Etiquette Question

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:02 pm

A number of partners at my firm actually requested me on linkedin but well after I was offered. Once you add that firm to your linked in profile I think the trickle affect just happens. A lot of our partners didn't really use linkedin that much. But the ones that did had some amazing connections and I was glad to be connected and in fact used their connections to reach to other people that I felt I would benefit from being connected to (such partners in offices that I had not met but had an interest in their practice area).

If you're connecting with another associate or a mentor at the firm it's probably not bad to do that during the summer. Young associates at the firm are precisely the kind of connections you want to have. But once you start working there if you genuinely make personal connections to a partner at the firm and he/she is on linkedin there's no reason not to connect. It's perfectly acceptable.

just fyi:
I would strongly recommend that you not friend anyone on facebook from your firm now or in the future.
And make sure you linked in photo is a professional photo.
Make sure your job descriptions, if you use them, are accurate and professional.

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