Bid list help - top 12% GULC

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Bid list help - top 12% GULC

Postby Moose700 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:05 pm

I'm on the fence about transferring from GULC -- posted over on the transfer board as GULC/Cornell and decided to out myself as GULC here because I know Cornell does OCI differently anyways -- but in the event I stay I could use some help creating my bid list. I want NYC litigation and am having a tough time distinguishing firms. Any input appreciated - firms I left out, whether I'm bidding too aggressively, and most importantly, help in ordering them.

Paul Weiss
Simpson Thacher
Davis Polk
Gibson Dunn
Shearman & Sterling
Kramer Levin
Mayer Brown
Cleary Gottlieb
Sullivan and Cromwell
White and Case
Fried Frank


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Re: Bid list help - top 12% GULC

Postby chipchip » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:00 am

GULCer here (former).

How to "order" isn't something we can really help in; that's going to depend on bid statistics, how many interviews are available, etc. A lot of this is let about how competitive you are when it comes to ordering and how smart you are when it comes to figuring out how to order. Worst case scenario, you may end up with 10-12 interviews out of the gate (assuming all that is NYC), but you can definitely hustle and contact the firms you want that you didn't get and they generally set up others. I went from about 12 to 20+ that way.

Further, define Top 12%; each section has different breakdowns.

That said, that list (assuming you're around a 3.7) is generally fine when it comes to the firms. People with those numbers (and higher and lower) got CBs at PW, Kirkland, STB, DPW, GD, Skadden, Weil, Shearman, etc. -- pretty much all of them. Not sure about Quinn but that is just anecdotal. Many got offers as well. You're going to have to play around with the bid stats/interview availability, ultimately, to make final order decisions, but I'd say at least put some of the ones you want the most at the top, within reason. That is to say, if a firm you want gives 40 interviews or so and isn't heavily bid, obviously consider putting it a little lower, etc. The Top 20 will still get your resume. Use all your bids.

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