ADA question - how does hiring work?

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ADA question - how does hiring work?

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:06 pm

My dream job is working in prosecution. For the last two summers, I interned at the SAO in City A. So, before graduation, in response to a listing on a county job site for an opening for an entry-level ADA in City B (where I have recently moved), I submitted an e-application. I never heard back, but assumed it was because (a) I had not yet graduated and (b) I had not yet passed the bar (and am taking in this July).

Now, I've graduated, am taking the bar in July, and have updated by resume to reflect my new address in City B. Another listing for City B's DA's Office went up in early June, and then another just a few days ago, as the office is looking for entry-level ADAs. (It seems like they are on the search for new ADAs at least every month, if not more frequently - a good thing, I hope?)

I applied in early June, again. The application in the system is "pending." I know that DA's offices in every region hire very differently from one another - some interviewing fall of 3L year, some not interviewing any applicant who has not yet passed the bar. (The one I worked at in City A waits until an applicant has actually passed the bar, and they are very strict about this.) I don't know anything about the hiring process for the office in City B. Should I call and ask about their hiring process? Might they be willing to interview me before I've gotten my bar results if I ask, and am a qualified candidate? Are they generally amenable to these kinds of calls, and who would I ask to speak with?

Any advice on getting work with a DA's office would really, really be appreciated. Even if it's just telling me to calm down and wait until bar results in a few months (do I really have to, though?). Thanks!!

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Re: ADA question - how does hiring work?

Postby ggocat » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:33 pm

I would not call to ask about whether a bar license is required after you've submitted the application. At that point, there is nothing you can do except pass the bar if it is required. Did the posting not say it was required? If you pass the bar, definitely update your resume if the position is still open.

So in short, calm down and just pass the bar. :wink:

Also, it's not necessarily a good thing that the office is hiring a lot of people. It could mean turnover is consistent because of bad leadership or difficult working conditions.

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