below median @ MVP - plan?

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Re: below median @ MVP - plan?

Postby Pate » Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:12 pm

rayiner wrote:
Pate wrote:
rayiner wrote:Either way, you need a mailing campaign. Put together a list of every NLJ250 firm in NYC outside the V25, and send targeted letters to them in August/September. Be systematic about this, and personalize each mail. Seriously consider expanding your search to nearby markets like NJ, upper NY, CT, etc.

I have no opinion on this, just asking.

I have to estimate my GPA (which I think is middle third). That said, is there a point to mailing a firm like Duane Morris, given that I am under their cutoff. Even if they agreed to an interview wouldn’t it just be a waste of everyone’s time?

I have been given a numerous opinions about cutoffs ― most say they are real.

Cut-offs mentioned in Symplicity? Those are totally fictitious.

For sure? Or just kinda for sure?

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Re: below median @ MVP - plan?

Postby rayiner » Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:44 pm

Pate wrote:
rayiner wrote:Cut-offs mentioned in Symplicity? Those are totally fictitious.

For sure? Or just kinda for sure?

True cut-offs are real, though:
1) the true cut-off is a lot lower than you might think given median callback GPAs;
2) the cut-off is more or less hard depending on the firm.

The cut-off mentioned in Symplicity is total fantasy though, usually copied and pasted from the text the firm uses at some TTT's OCI.

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