Just out of morbid curiosity, are there any 3ls with jobs...

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Re: Just out of morbid curiosity, are there any 3ls with jobs...

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:43 pm

ruski wrote:while i agree pharmacy is getting oversaturated it is def not as bad as law. i know plenty of pharm grads still getting jobs now. there is almost no upward mobility though, they make in the low 100s pretty much forever. unless you want to get into management where it can get into the mid-100s.

the best bet is really dentistry. they have awesome hours, and pull in anywhere from 250k and up. expect more if you put in a an extra couple years for orthodontistry. the ones i know are living pretty well, one has his own small plane, takes awesome vacations, etc.

Never said it was as bad as law. Said it was getting to be that way. Will be as bad in a few years (5-10) because of all the new schools opening up. Most of my friends have jobs, but the class after them was hit and the classes now are even worse.

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