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Re: Litigation Firm Cultures

Postby anon168 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:22 am

Anonymous User wrote:Seems like a lot of litigation firms are renowned for being home to a lot of agressive, Type-A personalities (Quinn, Boies, etc).

Is this a personality trait that someone just has to cultivate to be a successful litigator/get along well in a firm like this, or are there other firms on the level of a Quinn or Boies that are perhaps less "in your face"?

If it's the former, I'll put in the work to be where I need to be; just wondering if there's a have your cake and eat it too here.

Litigation lawyer (and firms) come in all stripes and shapes. Aggressive, introverted, Type-A, passive, etc. In fact, this is true of transactional lawyers, T&E lawyers, tax lawyers, etc., and probably even lawyers that do maritime law.

Don't think for a minute that Martin Lipton isn't aggressive and/or a Type-A personality. It takes both (plus alot of genius) to come up with the noted "poison pill".

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