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Re: .

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:02 am

OP here.

Thanks to all of you who stood up for me - I was going to let this lie and hope it would go away quietly (yes, I feel stupid, thanks anons), but I feel as though I should explain. I obviously wasn't looking for advice on how to screw over my former employer. I was planning to be above board about the situation, but was trying to figure out whether it really even should be brought up, or whether I should just withdraw my outstanding app (painful though that would be - NY vs CA is a big deal for me - it's not like I have the money to do this), and accept the offer I had. FWIW, that's what I did. Outing myself was stupid, but I guess I thought that knowing the specific options would better inform people's advice - as you can imagine, the job I was hoping to interview for was the only possible combination of things (location/company/etc) that could get me to even consider not accepting the offer I had.

Thanks to all (including anons) for the candid advice. This thread helped, even if it was foolishly made and stressed me out big time.

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Re: .

Postby Guchster » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:19 am

MrAnon wrote: I love how when anything happens around here it falls on MrAnon's shoulders.

Poor thing!

MrAnon wrote:
You have to be pretty dumb to post in a public forum that you are debating job opportunities between two very specific employers like Google and Ebay.

Calm down. Employers are aware that you're trying to pick the best place to work for the summer. They're feelings don't get hurt when you turn them down because of cost of living or logistical concerns, when you don't do shady crap (which OP is trying to avoid upfront by solving this problem before they commit anywhere). OP was straightforward about their dilemma, and TLS is the place to get peers to weigh in on their decision. OP could've even posted as their regular selves, because I'm positive OP could've easily talked about the post to Ebay/Google recruiters to their face.

MrAnon wrote:
Also this entire thread has been one big bragfest from the start. Google v. Ebay. 5 1L V20 offers. Seriously?

LOL, u mad?

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