Earning degrees after law school

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Re: Earning degrees after law school

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:37 pm

I'll probably come back to my T6 and get a PhD in Econ after I spend a few years in big-law to pay down these loan.

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Re: Earning degrees after law school

Postby spleenworship » Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:33 pm

thexfactor wrote:carribbean med doesn't "promise" you a job, but ITE it comes pretty damn close. I heard the dropout rate from the good carib med schools is around 20-25%. If you can make it all 4 years, your chances of getting a residency are very high I think most good carib schools match 90%. Unlike law, they actually put the match list online and it states specifically which hospital and who is going where.

You have to consider that it is another 4 years of your life and another 200k worth of debt. + another 4 years before you can make your 150k+ salary.

I just wanted to say...

Match rates from the good schools (the big 4 of the carib) are around 85% and going down as, unfortunately, mainland schools have increased seats- but there has been no corresponding increases in residency slots.

Match rates from the non big schools, however, are in the 40-60% range, which is even worse than going to law school in my opinion. So if OP goes that route, OP needs to get into one of the big 4 or big 4 carib medical schools.

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