Rules for the Legal Employment Forum. Read Before Posting (ESPECIALLY 0Ls)

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Anonymous Posting

Anonymous posting is only appropriate when you are revealing sensitive employment related information about a firm, job, etc. You may anonymously respond on topic to these threads. Unacceptable uses include: harassing another user, joking around, testing the feature, or other things that are more appropriate in the lounge.

Failure to follow these rules will get you outed, warned, or banned.
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Rules for the Legal Employment Forum. Read Before Posting (ESPECIALLY 0Ls)

Postby TLS Moderators » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:38 pm

Welcome to the Legal Employment Forum. This forum is for current law students and graduates to discuss legal employment-related issues. Please observe the following rules while posting here:

0Ls, read this first:

If you're a 0L wanting advice from current law students and graduates, we've set up a new forum just for you, which you can find here:

It's called "Ask a Law Student / Graduate", and it's a place for 0Ls to ask current law students questions without disturbing the "Students and Graduates" forums. Post all your questions there, including about things like classes, grades, transferring, employment, etc. Please do not continue posting your questions here in the Students and Graduates forums, as doing so might get you banned and/or your thread locked.

If you are a 0L, then use caution before posting, if you argue or post blatantly inaccurate information you may be banned for trolling.

Law students: when you find a lost 0L straying into this forum, please direct them to this. If they ignore it, then resort to reporting posts and/or sending a message to a moderator.

0Ls: If someone directed you here, you should probably go to the "Ask a Law Student" forum.

Thank you for your understanding.

Regulation of the Anonymous Post Feature:

The anonymous post feature is meant for serious, legal employment-related questions that could reveal something about the poster to future employers. This can include information about grades, where a person has interviewed/received job offers, and other information that might identify them to future employers. The anonymous feature is not meant to be used as a shield for voicing unpopular opinions, demeaning others, sock puppetry, or otherwise being a jerk.

If you see a comment that you believe is misuse or abuse of the anon feature, please report it using the Report button on the lower-right corner of each post. This button, which appears as a red exclamation point, allows you to flag a post for moderator investigation.

Moderators may announce when they have taken action against a poster, but this is only for transparency, not to invite debate about the anon policy. Do NOT post in the thread itself about whether or not something violates the anon abuse policy; this is considered thread derailment and may get you banned as well. There are other places you can do this, such as PM or an appropriate Lounge thread such as this one: ... 0&t=146657

Failure to follow any of these rules may result in being outed (even if your post contains sensitive information), and/or banned. The anon feature exists to foster on-topic discussion in this forum, not for repeated debate over the anon feature and the scope of its use. Please keep this in mind.

"Killself" and other unconstructive replies:

Unconstructive, asinine replies such as "killself," even if meant in jest, are low-content, forum-clogging crap and will get you banned. People who struck out at OCI are in a tight spot, and if they're posting here for assistance, that's what they should get. At the very least, ridicule and the like belongs in the Lounge (see generally, BP).

The moderators are not asking you to blow sunshine up anyone's backside, but if your posting doesn't add something to the discussion, expect to be banned, the length of which ban will be entirely dependent on the opinion of the banning moderator. If you have to ask whether your comment adds something constructive to the thread, then it doesn't.

On the other hand, if someone is posting "killself" or similar nonsense, do not clog up still more space backseat moderating. Use the Report button and let a moderator handle it. Continued debate about such policies will be treated as thread derailment.

In closing:

The goal of these policies is to help keep the employment forum a fun, friendly, and (most importantly) functional place for all of you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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