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Re: Induced to brag, by firm

Postby sebastian0622 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:43 pm

mrloblaw wrote:
sebastian0622 wrote:
mrloblaw wrote:
sebastian0622 wrote:I don't care when people put their jobs on facebook. It's a social site, and jobs are a big part of people's lives and social interaction. I'm happy for my friends when they get jobs. Big deal

Whether something is tactless/douchey has very little correlation to whether it hurts others' feelings. Extolling one's accomplishments, directly or indirectly, has been considered a showing of poor taste for, ahem, about as long as polite society has existed.

I disagree. Whether it's a baby shower, wedding reception, housewarming party, high school / college / boot camp graduation, retirement party, military promotion, or the christening of a new yacht, people in our society have long invited their closest family and friends to celebrate their most intimate and rewarding life events.

Fair enough; there are certainly exceptions, or at least types of accomplishments it's OK to be public about. I equate "Look at the firm gig I just got" much more closely to "Look how much money I make, Bro," possibly because that's why a huge percentage of people are happy to get biglaw in the first place.

I understand. It's certainly borderline. I see it more as "Hey, I got a job!" Considering that the market sucks right now, I'm happy for any of my friends when they get any job. I'm not too hung up on whether it's big law or PRESTIGIOUS or whatever. But I definitely understand your point. I certainly think there is a certain level of sensitivity people should show to all of their other friends in law school who are pissed off and unemployed.

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