1L Summer Internship Tips?

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Re: 1L Summer Internship Tips?

Postby rv11 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:14 am

Anonymous User wrote:Hey everyone,

I am currently at a "Mid size" law firm working for a year before law school. I have become very close with many of the partners as we were out of town for a trial that lasted over a month. Some insight (though this is not "biglaw" but starting salary is 160,000) NONE of the attorneys at my firm know what the T6 law schools are. Most of them went to top 15 schools. They do not know where a specific school ranks each year but they do tend to know what is a T10 school and what is not. We had a couple 1L (9 actually) interns this summer when I started working. 1 from a "T6" school and the rest were between MVPB and UCLA/TX/Vandy schools. Only 2 were given offers to return and they were both in the MVPB range.

Like I said take this as just the word of one person but you dont have to go to a "T6" school to get market paying 1L SA's (though you do have to do very well whereever you are). I have asked specific questions like do you know the difference between where NYU ranks and where Penn ranks and all will say they are equal. You can include UVA/MICH/CHICAGO in there. They do know HYS are a notch above the rest.

City? Mind PMing the firm?

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