Charlotte, North Carolina

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Re: Charlotte, North Carolina

Postby tarheel87 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:28 pm

cattleprod wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:That school board (including the chairman) was essentially voted out two weeks ago. There is one runoff in November that will determine who has the majority. The Democrat won right at 50% in the runoff district and missed an outright win by 50 votes.

That is too bad. It looks like Wake is going to start ignoring the parents and sending kids, based on their skin color, on buses all over the county again.
That type of racism in school assignment is just horrible.
Another reason to avoid Charlotte and Wake. NC is just a mess.

Wake County is still generally less of a mess than Mecklenburg. I would love to practice in either, but the people in power in Charlotte can be really screwy.


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Re: Charlotte, North Carolina

Postby cattleprod » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:50 am

tarheel87 wrote:
Wake County is still generally less of a mess than Mecklenburg. I would love to practice in either, but the people in power in Charlotte can be really screwy.

If you have a job as an attorney in Charlotte and it is your only option, by all means take it. There are worse places in the country.... Detroit, Birmingham AL, etc.
But if you do get stuck working in Charlotte, you don't have to actually live there and deal with their taxes and nutty school assignment plans.
The more popular destinations for housing are Union County (south of Charlotte) or just over the state border in South Carolina.
Many people live outside of the city to avoid the mess, then commute into Charlotte.

Many of the jobs are migrating out of Charlotte also. Here is the latest one. 1,700 jobs from Continental Tire just left North Carolina for South Carolina.

The headquarters of Continental Tire used to be in Charlotte until 2008. They moved over the border to Lancaster County (just south of Charlotte) in South Carolina.
The lower taxes, better schools, less crime and just about everything is superior outside of Charlotte. There is no need to live within range of Charlotte. Jobs are exiting because of the crazies running the place.

How does this affect the legal industry in Charlotte? Who knows. The two major banks are shrinking and much of the job base is exiting.
The downtown area is in crisis because they don't have enough jobs there to support the toys they built with taxpayer money.

The Nascar Hall of Fame is a financial disaster, with the city covering the losses, because of fraudulent attendance projections.
The National Whitewater Rafting center is another financial boondoggle that the city financed and now taxpayers are on the hook for the loans.
The light rail line was built where nobody lives and is draining money away from the bus system.
It is just amazing that the same group of clowns keep getting re-elected to run that place into the ground.

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