Quitting Law Review after 2L.

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Re: Quitting Law Review after 2L.

Postby mrloblaw » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:16 pm

As a transfer, I've participated in the journal write-on for two different schools, and while I never signed anything, it was made entirely clear both places that (1) by participating in the write-on, I was asserting that I was willing to be bound for two years (except to the journals at my new school that only have a one year commitment), and (2) by accepting, I actually agreed to be bound for two years.

I can't imagine that your LR didn't do anything similar?

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Re: Quitting Law Review after 2L.

Postby SteelReserve » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:28 pm

Hey OP,

Just stay on the law review for your third year, and do not run for a position.

That's what I did because I had zero interest in taking on more law review responsibility, and at my school (like most) you don't need to do a new note/comment during your 3d year.

As a result, my 3d year on law review was anything but time consuming--all I did were editing assignments (attribution checking, grammar editing, etc)... Plus you are much quicker/efficient at editing so the few assignments you do have you will complete much faster. My 3L year on law review was a total breeze compared to 2L.

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Re: Quitting Law Review after 2L.

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:32 pm

Anonymous User wrote:Flagship journal. I really like the people, but I really hate the time investment. Assume that most 3Ls are expected to have some sort of editorial board position.

Has anyone quit? Were there any possible negative job consequences? What about working with the other staffers for the second semester, since we do board elections long before the end of first semester and therefore I would have to make it known that I have no intention of sticking around next year?

Just say you don't feel challenged and are investing a lot of time with little benefit. As long as you do something more productive with your time, like a clinic or outside job or something, who cares?

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