Clifford Chance NY v. Goodwin Procter NY

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Clifford Chance NYC
Goodwin Procter NYC
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Clifford Chance NY v. Goodwin Procter NY

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:11 pm

Hey TLS,

At a point in my firm decision process where I feel it's time to turn to the internet. So, basically, I'm not at a very good point.

Nonetheless, I'm looking for input on my decision (which I've narrowed down to Clifford Chance NY and Goodwin Procter NY).

Exit options in Asia and Europe (I speak fluent Mandarin) - I'm particularly interested in going in to consulting and/or finance if possible
Opportunities to work in Asia or Abroad
Interested only in Transactional work, particularly international M&A/capital markets
HAPPINESS (as much as possible).

Other factors:
Liked goodwin A LOT more when I visited; really clicked with the people; I get the feeling that I could feel "lost" at Clifford Chance. However, I didn't hate Clifford Chance - pretty neutral as far as the people I met with.

Are the exit options/differences in prestige minute enough to justify taking Goodwin over Clifford Chance?


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Re: Clifford Chance NY v. Goodwin Procter NY

Postby azntwice » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:50 pm

you should go back and ask to meet more of the people at the firms. right now it seems you're making your decision totally on feel - try to substantiate it more if you possibly can.

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