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Re: Importance of grades for callbacks

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:52 pm
by Anonymous User
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Anonymous User wrote:I have a friend at Davis Polk who participated in interviewing candidates and said that a guy said something really awkward during an interview but still got an offer because of his ridiculously high grades from Yale. I assume grades/school rank will still matter, but it will be a sliding scale.

I would take DPW's callback standards with a grain of salt. Their modus operandi is to give almost everyone a callback and then reject most people at the callback level. No one else does that.

Nah not really, they use both rounds to eliminate people. Going by HYS stats, they eliminate 40% at the screening interview and then another 40% at the callback stage.

My interviewer for DPW at H said he was told to callback 10 out of the 20.

Sounds about right then... That's actually more harsh then last year.