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Re: What can I order at a callback lunch?

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:27 pm
by rayiner
NotMyRealName09 wrote:People say "get what you want, your interviewers don't care."

But I'd think an interviewee who purposely orders an expensive item has already failed the discretion test. Ordering food IS A TEST.

Don't get anything more expensive than anyone else. Don't order an appetizer unless everyone is. And for the love of god, don't order desert (or coffee) unless someone else does. Your interviewers know you are on an interview, and they won't just leave you drifting in the wind - they will take the lead, you follow.


The lunch interview is about manners - and about what sort of impression you make on new people. The lunch interview is a mock "lets take a client out to lunch, will you embarrass me" test. Treat it as such.

Other then the bit about the waiter, this is not the credited response. People like you make summer events miserable.

I repeat: the (almost certainly very junior) associates don't give a shit what you order, so long as it's not so ridiculous they have a funny story to tell to the other juniors about you. Nobody is looking to trip you up. The lunch is just an opportunity to see if you're a social retard and give you a chance to ask questions.