Going to Law School to get into finance? Don't do it.

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Re: Going to Law School to get into finance? Don't do it.

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:42 pm

flexityflex86 wrote:No reading comp fail. OP said s/he left both finance and law, because of the hours.

On this note a lot of law is what you put into it. Most if not the overwhelming majority of lawyers put in a shit ton of hours up front, but there are a lot who do open up shop once they develop expertise, and work somewhat normal 9-5's with plenty of vacation days.

Medicine obviously has the best hours, but they do stay in school till they're 30 so take that with a grain of salt.

I think the entire thing about people getting these positions, and then complaining about them is a huge sense of entitlement. There is no doubt you earned these opportunities through hard work or superior intellect, but what did you expect? A six figure salary is a reward, and not an entitlement. There are many people working multiple jobs who would give an arm to have a job that gave them this much money for their time, but either lack the skills, training or opportunity.

Dude I am the OP, and nowhere did I say I left either law or finance because of the hours. My comment about seeing the associate in the office on the phone looking like he hadn't slept, was more about how he was on call and basically the bitch of the banker, which makes me rather be the guy on the phone than the sleep deprived associate.

I think you are overreaching and missing the point here, I'm not complaining about the hours. My hours are going to be worse in finance, but working 60hrs doing due diligence as a first year is about equivalent to working 100hrs on an interesting restructuring project to me. So yeah, if you think I am entitled because I rather do shit I like, then yup.

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