Help a Harvard transfer make a bidlist for EIP

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Help a Harvard transfer make a bidlist for EIP

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:55 pm

My background:
Was top 10% at my old school, didn't try for LR because I wanted to attempt Harvard's concurrent competition. Previous law school was ranked in the low 20s and not on the East Coast. I have an undergrad tech degree with a low GPA and no interest in pursuing patent prosecution; would be really happy to work in IP litigation, however.

My hopes:
My #1 pick would be Ropes & Gray, based on all the awesome things I've heard about it. However, I've heard conflicting messages about the firm's emphasis on undergraduate GPA/pedigree, which would sink my app if they do emphasize those factors.

I've also heard positive things about Fish & Richardson from people I know in person. But on the other hand, TLS and ATL paint a less-than-flattering image of the firm.

But more generally, I really want to stay in Boston because my fiancee and her family are here. I'd also be willing to put in apps to the Bay Area in California just to use up bids, as Boston might not have enough firms for me to try for.

In terms of the substance of my work, it'd be nice to work in IP as I do have some interest in it and a relevant background. I'd also be okay with doing corporate work if it would lead to an in-house job down the road. On a personal level, I might be interested in labor law due to my own convictions (I'm pro-union/labor), but I have yet to actually do any work in that area.

Overall, I think I'm flexible enough to do any kind of work. I prioritize staying in Boston and having a good work environment (reasonable hours, good firm culture, not overly stuffy) over working in a specific field.

Why I'm asking for the wisdom of TLS:
As a transfer student, I have no idea how I'm supposed to bid and I don't want to waste bids. I'd really, really appreciate anybody who has insight on what the GPA cutoffs are like at different firms for H students; how firms rank H transfer students against their peers (are they considered to be median or roughly above median, etc.); and any specific info on the top Boston firms and their hiring patterns vis-a-vis H students. Thanks so much!


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Re: Help a Harvard transfer make a bidlist for EIP

Postby D.Wilde » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:47 pm

We should talk. PM me.

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