Low GPA, Need Advice

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Low GPA, Need Advice

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:55 pm

I've greatly appreciated the information from the responses and topics on this board but have yet to post until now so bear with me. This is my first post and it has taken a lot for me to garner enough courage to post on this forum, albeit anonymously, so please don't be too hard on me.

I am near the bottom of my class after two semesters at a Tier 2 law school. It has a solid reputation in the region in which it is nestled. Furthermore, I am well connected in that region so finding employment there may be an option. However, I have serious aspirations of moving to Richmond, Virginia – a city quite a long way away in which my school carries little, if any, name recognition or prestige. Furthermore, I would be competing with the graduates of more highly ranked local schools (UVA, W&L, W&M, UR) and Virginia residents that went out-of-state for school for job opportunities.

I have some ties to Virginia as I graduated from one of those schools for my undergraduate education and currently have a summer internship in the state (a job I was able to obtain without mention of my poor law school performance). However, that internship is with the in-house counsel for a non-profit which would not lead to a fulltime employment opportunity post-graduation. Ideally, the contacts I make throughout the course of my summer employment with the limited ties I have to the area will translate, at the least, to an interview.

I understand that many of you are exceptional talents in the classroom and my situation does warrant much empathy nor is it relatable to many of you. All I’m looking for are responses that offer any insight into the legal landscape in the area as well as information about opportunities to pursue employment in areas that are less likely to shut the door to me based solely on my GPA.

Other important information: I am fortunate enough to graduate with zero debt as my family is graciously supporting my education and I truly do enjoy the study of law and what very limited experience I have practicing law. Also, I have taken a long time to reflect on what areas of my study I need to improve upon to raise my GPA. Obviously, I'm pretty upset with myself and have been down for quite some time. However, after some serious soul-searching and reflection, I am determined to practice law and continue my studies.

At this point OCI and law review are obviously out of the question, so I will be focusing solely on improving my study habits, more effectively taking practice exams, and utilizing professors’ office hours in order to hopefully improve my performance to the extent that it is possible. Hopefully, my GPA will rise to a more respectable (or at least not laughable) level by the time I graduate and can emphasize the upward trend in interviews.

Dropping out is not an option nor does it seem wise given that I enjoy what am I am studying and will graduate with no debt. I understand that a large portion of you (perhaps all of you) would have dropped out by now, but my aspirations are simply to break into the Richmond area market at this point (small firm, working for a solo practitioner, non-profit, whatever I can get) rather than the BigLaw targets a lot of you are shooting for. Any advice from someone with information on the region, experience with a similar situations, what options I have (other than dropping out), etc. is greatly appreciated.


p.s. My identity would be easily identifiable if I gave any more specifics about where I am, where I'm from, or where I go to law school, I hope you all understand. I don't know if any from my school or region know about or read this forum.


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Re: Low GPA, Need Advice

Postby Danteshek » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:40 pm

No point worrying about it now. Just move to Richmond when you graduate and take it from there.

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