Mailing Multiple Offices of the Same Firm

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Mailing Multiple Offices of the Same Firm

Postby koalatriste » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:27 pm


A brief forum search didn't net much on this topic. If I'm interested in working at a firm with multiple offices - is it acceptable to send resumes to two/three offices of the same firm if (1) I have compelling reasons for wanting each of the two/three geographical areas and (2) I'm interested in the work that each of the two/three offices do?

I didn't think there was much of a problem with this until a colleague told me that it seemed "disingenuous" and that the firm would certainly notice and this would "negatively impact my chances at all two/three offices." Should I only mail two of the offices or is mailing all three okay?

Background (if necessary): the firm is a V10 with multiple offices. One office (NYC) is attending my school's OCI, but none of the offices that I'm mailing (and hence interested in) is going to be at OCI. I have extremely strong ties to two of the markets, but my reasons for wanting the third market (while probably still strong enough) are less compelling.



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Re: Mailing Multiple Offices of the Same Firm

Postby thesealocust » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:54 pm

Look up the other offices on the NALP directory. Based on my knowledge of the V10 firms, it's likely that if the other offices 'aren't coming' it's because they don't hire summer associates. On top of that, a lot of firms will let you do OCI from, say, the NYC office while expressing interest in another. I know people who got hired for relatively remote GDC offices despite those offices 'not coming' to our OCI. If you really want, maybe call the recruiters and ask what you should do before just mailing everyone? All V10 firms will have robust recruiting departments to handle questions like this.

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