Selling Legal/Judicial Research Unit Experience?

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Anonymous User
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Selling Legal/Judicial Research Unit Experience?

Postby Anonymous User » Fri May 13, 2011 9:20 pm

Does anyone know how valuable this experience is on a resume/CL?

For those that don't know, its basically the stable of attys that handle all of a CA courts law and motion, sub-felony criminal appeals, and other random matters. The rest of the job is judges running in for a minute, asking for help on an issue, and then running back out of the office.

Basically its huge research and writing. I am getting more law and motion experience per hour than any SA alive (tentative rulings on demurrers/MSJ/discovery/all sorts of other random stuff), the "Wende" reviews of criminal appeals provide great experience on that side of things (basically writing huge memos for the appellate tribunal). I am networking with the judges and the commonly seen DA/PD folk, and I have the ability to witness trials at will, generally cherry picking the witness examination and closings for tips (good to make friends with the attys).

I think this job is awesome, but I am wondering if it is too rare to actually be marketable...does anyone have any experience with this kind of position? Can I sell it like I would sell a trial-level internship?

I am trying to make a decision between staying at the court vs taking another offer for unpaid work during fall of my 3L year, any advice would be appreciated.

GPA is bottom of top 1/3 at a t30, so no easy firm jobs for me, plan on grabbing some DA/PD experience before I graduate and just mass mailing the entire state.

Gideon Strumpet

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Re: Selling Legal/Judicial Research Unit Experience?

Postby Gideon Strumpet » Wed May 18, 2011 12:47 pm

Every court has some job category like this. Also, every judge and attorney you have met obviously knows what you do. I'm not clear on whether this job pays or not, but either way, I see no reason to drop it if you like it and you're still learning from it. You will have no problem explaining to anyone what you did, and nobody is going to see a huge amount of intense legal research and writing experience as a liability.

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