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Re: What to wear

Postby random5483 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:11 pm

nosaj123 wrote:
313D313 wrote:
drylo wrote:Overall, the conversation was extremely useful to me. I learned a lot about hiring from the perspective of a partner, and he gave me a number of tips on what skills I should develop to make me a better lawyer and how I could display them to be a more desirable candidate in the future.

Mind sharing some of that wisdom?

A lot of what he said was very specific to me and my background. For example, my resume was very business oriented, listing off my accomplishments (I have a few years of corporate experience). Instead, he said I should focus on skills I've gained that would benefit me in a legal experience...

Some of the things that he said he looked for in a candidate were:
-good writing, including non-legal writing experience
-selling experience (the higher up the food-chain you move in a firm, the more it becomes a sales job)
-communication skills, including speaking/presenting to a variety of audiences, and just interacting with a variety of people in general
-keeping busy. For example, on my resume I listed the three jobs I have had since college. He was also interested in the jobs I have had since high school and wanted to see that I did something with my summers in college (and was happy I worked a bit in high school too).
-diverse interests. He said I should put a variety of things on my resume because I never know what is going to click with the person reading it

Some of his questions are non-traditional. I have 3 years of full-time work experience before law school. Due to my working, most prospective employers focused on what I did those three years, and not my experiences during undergrad or the summers in between (I am glad they did not because I was a slacker in undergrad!)

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