TTT to admit fewer students due to ITE

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Re: TTT to admit fewer students due to ITE

Postby FiveSermon » Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:42 pm

General Tso wrote:
JPrezy87 wrote: whoa whoa..since when was I being snobbish? I was attacking general tso for being a snob not being snoobish myself! and i agree that many law schools below tier 2 do place their grads very well...and what law school you go to doesn't determine how successful you're going to be!

saying there's no difference b/w T3 and T4 is not being snobby. telling people never to go to law school unless they get into a T14 school is snobby. I would tell some people to attend a T3/T4 if the price is right and if their expectations are realistic. If you can go for nearly free and are okay making 40-50k then I see no reason why not.

FWIW I am attending an expensive T1 at sticker and I don't expect to make much more than that figure I just quoted.

Independently wealthy? How will you pay off t1 at sticker with 50k/year?

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General Tso

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Re: TTT to admit fewer students due to ITE

Postby General Tso » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:45 pm

no not at all. I am looking at 65k debt at Hastings. I get need based grants of around 10k per year. My parents are paying for a little bit of my tuition. I had about 35k savings from when I was working full time (2.5 years @ 40k...I was saving 50%+ of my paychecks). And I am taking extreme measures to save on rent ($425 per month in an east bay hell hole with roomates).

My parents have never made more than 50-60k combined in their lives.

65k debt is around $750 per month. A 60k salary (which is pretty typical for a CA small firm, I hope) is just under $4000 per month after taxes. I am a pretty scrupulous person..I think I will make it.

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