Paying STICKER at San Fran Law. Grades are median, help.

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Re: Paying STICKER at San Fran Law. Grades are median, help.

Postby Army2Law » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:07 pm

SBL wrote:
Army2Law wrote:Yes, it's also cyclical. I'm not saying homeboy from USF is getting biglaw, but everyone on this site just parrots the same thing everyone else says. Economic indicators are positive right now and more economic growth = more need for legal services = increased law firm workload = increase in hiring. Do you understand how biglaw hiring works?

The economy could grow like it was on steroids and there's no way that anybody outside of the top-10% is going to get hired by big firms in what might be the most competitive legal hiring market outside of DC. Someone below median? Even in the best economic conditions in the history of the United States, it's still not going to happen. So while your point of "if the economy gets better, then law firms hire more people," while facile, is technically correct, but it has no relevance whatsoever in this thread.

I was making the point in reference to the simplistic views of most of the people on this site in general. I just happened to post it in this thread.
Unrelated tangent in reference to your avatar: are you pissed that they're spending so much time on Becca's band this season, too? It annoys me. Haha

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