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Re: No Interviews!?

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:35 am

730 wrote:So I gotta ask. I have been applying to summer jobs since dec 1 (and have been applying since then). Im pretty sure I have applied to more jobs than most of my classmates. All types of jobs, all over the place.

I haven't gotten a single interview! Seems like everyone else is getting them, most people don't have offers yet, but I can't even get a call in or any type of interest. Is this normal at this point or do I have to change what I am doing??

Do you have an interests section on your resume? I really thought it was silly to have one - but I listened to our CSO and put it on there. I landed my summer position with no contacts at all, out-of-state, based on my interests listed. Turns out the person hiring goes to the same event I do every year. even though we've never met and shares another hobby as well. Another judge who I interviewed with but did not get hired by also shared an interest with me. Just a thought. . .

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