Consulting Compensation

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Consulting Compensation

Postby HITeacher2 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:00 pm

Data has just been released about compensation for consultants for their first year out of the MBA program. This is the same compensation package JDs who apply to consulting would earn.

For Bain…

Signing Bonus: $20,000
Base: $125,000
Performance Bonus: up to $39,000 for your first year
- – - – -
Total compensation: $184,000

Retirement & relocation: 401(k) contribution: up to $7,400

According to my Bain post-MBA source:

Deloitte’s offers were very similar, except they had MUCH higher signing bonuses ($40k + $10k for signing early + pay for 2nd year of b-school). This was for folks who interned there, so the latter two parts of the bonus might not apply otherwise.

That means Deloitte covered your second year of bschool tuition for signing – wow!

For BCG…

Signing Bonus: DNK
Base: $145,000
Performance Bonus: up to $40,000 for your first year
- – - – -
Total compensation: at least $185,000 (does not include signing bonus which I’m trying to figure out)

Retirement & relocation: up to $9,250/5% of bonus+salary is put into retirement fund, no contributions required

Our source also noted that project leaders at BCG (approximately 2-3 years out of bschool) were paid $185,000 base.


Consultant hours are supposed to be less intense than BigLaw Compensation, but there is travel so lets say it balances out. How does the consultant compensation package compare to the BigLaw compensation package?

Note: Source is

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Re: Consulting Compensation

Postby megaTTTron » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:01 pm

Excellent info (although it assumes you take the early signing bonus and achieve the highest possible performance bonus).

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