Plaintiffs Asbestos Work

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Re: Plaintiffs Asbestos Work

Postby 20160810 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:00 am

nealric wrote:
I was going to suggest complex lit, but you're way ahead of me.

I've always been amused by this term. Does anybody ever say they practice simple litigation?

I say routinely that I hope to practice simple litigation. Same thing?

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Re: Plaintiffs Asbestos Work

Postby 3|ink » Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:27 pm

sanpiero wrote:I'll be spending this summer at a firm that specializing in asbestos lit on the plaintiffs' side. Is there anyone out there with experience in this area? If so, what classes would you recommend I take next semester to help prepare for the summer? I've taken evidence (and all the 1L courses) and I'm registered for complex lit in the spring. What is it like working in this area? Are there any treatises/other publications that would be useful to read? How can I further prepare myself for the type of legal writing I'll be asked to do (affidavits, pleadings, etc.)?

I work at one of the Trusts your firm will almost certainly be filing claims against. However, you may not have to know about that stuff. There are two types of asbestos plaintiffs' paralegals: the guys who handle the litigation (complex) and the guys who file the claims (highly administrative). If you're doing the former, there's really little you can do to prepare. You'll probably be most involved with discovery proceedings. If you're doing the latter, I suggest reading up on bankruptcy. More specifically, learn about the channeling injunction that came from the Johns-Manville bankruptcy.

GL :)

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