Are clerkships really that rare/impossible/etc.

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Re: Are clerkships really that rare/impossible/etc.

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:27 pm

reasonable_man wrote:
180orbust wrote:Dear T6 Transfer,

Have you noticed that 90% of your new classmates are also smart/hardworking enough to possibly get #1 at your old T1? I think 10% is pretty optimistic. Not to be mean or anything, but you do seem very concerned about keeping things "real." That said, if you can pull top 10%, then, from what I hear, you should have a decent shot at a clerkship, especially if you are willing to travel to remote areas and form relationship with influential professors at your new T6 school.

Best of luck...

I'd love to see the kids at the 30% to 90% mark of their class at a T6 class that would be able to swing #1 at a T1 school... This statement is pretty fucking dumb if you ask me. If the kid was number one at his T1, I'll be willing to bet that he continues to do very well at the T6...

I'll probably be shouted down for saying this, but I'd probably have tried harder 1L year if I'd gone to a lower-ranked school. I seriously doubt this would have resulted in being #1, as my work ethic has never been something to write home about, but I think I could've done better.

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